Faith-filled Outdoor Activities for the Children

Faith-filled Outdoor Activities for the Children

As we approach summer and the days are getting longer and warmer, the season is a wonderful time for families to come together and create cherished memories. It’s also the perfect time to travel, explore, and enjoy all of God's creation. For Christian holidaymakers with children who are considering a summer getaway, there are numerous outdoor activities to keep your kids entertained which blend fun, adventure, and spiritual enrichment. In this article, we'll explore a variety of outdoor activities to incorporate into your holiday, providing opportunities for family bonding and spiritual growth.


Guided nature walks

Embark on guided nature walks through woodlands or nature reserves, where the kids can discover the wonders of God's creation up close. Join guided tours led by experts who can point out interesting plants and animals along the way. Encourage the children to observe and appreciate the beauty of the world God created around them.


Faith-focused scavenger hunts

Create faith-focused scavenger hunts that combine outdoor exploration and active fun with spiritual discovery. Prepare a list of nature-themed items or landmarks for kids to find, such as a particular flower, tree, or animal. Along the way, incorporate Bible verses or spiritual reflections that connect the beauty of nature to God's love and provision, helping kids see the wonders of creation through the lens of faith.


Outdoor family devotions

Gather as a family for outdoor prayer and devotions in a scenic setting, such as in a garden, in the woods or on the beach. Set aside time for family prayer, Bible reading, and spiritual reflection, allowing the children to participate and share their thoughts and insights. Encourage them to express gratitude for God's blessings and to speak prayers for the needs of others, fostering a spirit of thankfulness and compassion.


Worship in nature

Attend outdoor worship services or church gatherings held in natural settings, where, as a family, you can speak and sing in praise amidst the beauty of God's creation. Sing, listen to inspiring messages, and engage in times of prayer and fellowship with other believers. These outdoor worship experiences provide opportunities for families to connect with God and each other in a meaningful and memorable way.


Nature-based arts and crafts

Set up a nature-inspired arts and crafts station outdoors, where the children can create masterpieces using materials found in nature, such as leaves, sticks, and flowers. Encourage kids to express their creativity and imagination through nature-themed artwork, poetry, or journaling, reflecting on the beauty and wonder of God's creation.


Outdoor participative and storytelling

Organise outdoor performances or storytelling sessions that bring biblical stories to life in natural settings. Choose a scenic backdrop, such as a woodland area, and encourage your children to act out their favourite Bible stories. Alternatively, gather around a campfire for storytelling sessions that share the timeless lessons of scripture in a fun and interactive way.


As you plan your summer holiday, consider incorporating these outdoor activities into your itinerary to create unforgettable moments of faith, family, and adventure. May your summer adventure be filled with laughter, love, and lasting memories as you experience the beauty and wonder of God's world together as a family.