Fun Activities for Holidaying with Your Christian Community

Fun Activities for Holidaying with Your Christian Community

Holidaying with your Christian community is a perfect opportunity to blend spiritual growth with fun whilst being surrounded by like-minded people. The UK offers a whole host of beautiful locations and adventurous activities that can strengthen your faith and friendships. In this blog, we will explore some summer activities and recommend locations to travel to for them with your community.


Wild swimming in natural waters

For a refreshing and new adventure, try wild swimming in some of the UK’s most beautiful natural waters. The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye are renowned for their crystal-clear waters and stunning scenery. Alternatively, Llyn Padarn in Snowdonia provides a serene lake setting perfect for group swims surrounded by impressive mountainous views. Take care to be safe, only swim where you are allowed, and look after each other!


Guided prayer walks in national parks

Organise a guided prayer walk through one of the UK’s national parks, such as the Peak District or Exmoor. These walks can be tailored with stops for scripture readings, silent meditation, and communal prayer, focusing on themes of creation, care, and gratitude. Walking through these vast, open spaces can be a profound way to connect with God and each other.

Take time on your walk to pause and appreciate nature around you. Encourage each member of the group to provide one reading to the group each time you stop that they find particularly useful, relevant, or inspiring.


Group cycling on scenic routes

Rent bicycles and take a scenic ride along routes like the Camel Trail in Cornwall or the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland. You can even create your own route that stops at various chapels or historical religious sites, discussing their significance and sharing relevant Bible passages. Cycling offers both physical activity and the chance to see more of the picturesque landscape in a short period.


Volunteering for a local cause

Plan a day to volunteer with a local charity or community project. This could involve helping at a food bank, organising a beach clean-up, or assisting in community gardens. Not only does this provide a way to live out your faith through service, but it also enriches your holiday experience by connecting with local communities and landscapes in a meaningful way.

Endeavour to seek out local Church groups and ask if you can meet, volunteer, or support for the day. Our communities are stronger united.


Sing praises by the sea

Organise an evening get-together on a beach (where it is safe and permitted). Bring guitars or other instruments (or your voice!), and recreate your favourite worship songs for an inspiring night of music and laughs. This setting provides a perfect backdrop for open conversations about faith, shared testimonies, and group prayer, all while enjoying the peaceful sounds of the ocean.


Holidaying with your Christian community, Church group, or closest friends from Church, is an ideal time to explore new activities while deepening your spiritual and personal connections. Each activity and adventure together is an opportunity to witness the wonder of creation and strengthen the bonds of friendship. These experiences not only bring fun and adventure to your holiday but also intertwine your shared faith into every moment.