Renewal and Rebirth: Lent in Bloom

Renewal and Rebirth: Lent in Bloom

As the winter chill gradually gives way to the warmth of spring, Christians in the UK are presented with a perfect opportunity to intertwine faith with the blossom of spring. 

Lent, which begins on Wednesday 14th February this year, is typically a time for spiritual reflection, rebirth, and renewal. In the UK, lent occurs in parallel with the start of spring, a season celebrated for new life and new beginnings. Warmer, longer days coax animals from their winter hibernation, usher the arrival of newborn lambs, and reveal fresh new buds and sprouts on plants that were once concealed by winter’s frost. 

The parallels of renewal and rebirth between Lent and spring provide Christians with the perfect opportunity to revel in the beauty of spring and nature, whilst embracing moments for profound reflection, growth and self-discovery.

In this blog, we discover some beautiful places in bloom this spring, where Christians in the UK can travel to to find solace, introspection and inspiration during Lent.


Canterbury, England

Canterbury Cathedral

Embark on a visit to Canterbury, home to the iconic Canterbury Cathedral. As a symbol of Christian heritage, the cathedral's stunning architecture and rich history make it a must-visit destination. Attend a service, and walk the grounds and gardens as they come into bloom this spring.

St. Augustine's Abbey and St. Martin's Church

After you visit Canterbury Cathedral, explore St. Augustine's Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and St. Martin's Church, among the oldest in England. These sacred sites offer a glimpse into the roots of Christianity in the UK, providing a serene backdrop for contemplation and prayer. 


Iona, Scotland

Iona Abbey and Nunnery

Nestled on the Isle of Iona, Iona Abbey stands as a beacon of spirituality as one of the oldest Christian religious centres in the UK. Visit the Abbey and nearby nunnery to experience the tranquility and sense of connection that spans this island. Iona's breathtaking landscapes and historical sites create a serene environment, inviting visitors to reflect on their faith in the midst of nature's beauty. In spring, expect snowdrops, celandines, primroses, and wild hyacinth.

St. Columba's Bay

Stroll along the shores of St. Columba's Bay, where St. Columba is said to have landed in 563 AD before opening his monastery. The gentle waves and pebble beach provide an opportunity for quiet contemplation and prayer. Iona is a haven for those seeking a peaceful retreat to revitalise their faith in the embrace of nature.


Lindisfarne, England

Lindisfarne Priory

Journey to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, home to the Lindisfarne Priory. Explore the ruins and marvel at the site where monks sought spiritual solitude centuries ago. The rhythmic tides that isolate the island at high tide create a sense of detachment from the world, fostering an atmosphere conducive to introspection and prayer.

St. Aidan's Winery

Visit St. Aidan's Winery, where the monastic tradition is combined with the art of winemaking. Enjoy a guided tour, savouring the fruits of the land while appreciating the connection between spiritual practices and the cultivation of the earth. Lindisfarne provides a unique blend of rich Christian history, spirituality, and natural beauty.


Glastonbury, England

Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury, known for its history and legend, is home to Glastonbury Abbey - a place steeped in legend and spirituality. Walk amidst the Abbey's ruins and feel the energy that has drawn pilgrims for centuries. Glastonbury Abbey provides an opportunity for reflection and contemplation, inviting visitors to connect with the beauty and tradition that permeates the site.

The Tor and Chalice Well

Climb Glastonbury Tor for panoramic views and a sense of spiritual elevation. Nearby, discover the Chalice Well, a place rich in symbolism and spiritual significance. The well's waters are believed to possess healing properties, creating a space for Christian pilgrims to connect with the divine and remember the power of faith.


Durham, England

Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stands as a testament to medieval craftsmanship and grandeur. Attend a service or simply bask in the cathedral's awe-inspiring architecture. The River Wear meandering below adds to the enchanting atmosphere, making Durham a destination that seamlessly blends history, Christianity, and natural beauty.

St. Cuthbert's Final Resting Place

Visit the shrine of St. Cuthbert within the cathedral - a place of pilgrimage since medieval times. The ambiance and significance of this sacred space offer a profound experience for those seeking a Christian holiday enriched with history and devotion.


As spring unfolds, consider these five UK destinations for a Christian holiday that combines faith-inspired enrichment with the beauty of nature. Each destination offers a unique opportunity for renewal and personal reflection. May your spring journey be a season of both earthly and spiritual blossoming, as you connect with the rich Christian heritage woven into the history of these wonderful destinations.