The Top UK Christian Festivals and Events this Summer

The Top UK Christian Festivals and Events this Summer

As summer continues, many Christians may be looking forward to attending festivals this season that celebrate faith, community, and worship. The UK offers a variety of Christian events, each providing unique opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship, and fun.

In this guide, we will discover some of the best Christian festivals in the UK to consider attending this summer!


New Wine

New Wine is a dynamic Christian festival held at the Peterborough Arena. It aims to equip Christians for ministry and mission, offering a week of worship, teaching, and fellowship.



The festival includes worship sessions, seminars, and social events. There are also dedicated programs for children and youth, making it an exciting and accessible festival for the entire family.



  • Ministry Training: Attend workshops that give you the tools and advice to equip you for various aspects of ministry.

  • Worship: Experience vibrant worship led by talented musicians and worship leaders.

  • Family Programs: Children and young people can participate in tailored activities that help them grow in their faith. Support your young children with their understanding of their faith in a new, interactive, and engaging environment.


Greenbelt Festival

Greenbelt Festival, held at Boughton House in Northamptonshire, is a celebration of arts, faith, and justice. It offers a unique blend of music, visual arts, and discussions on social issues from a Christian perspective. The festival encourages attendance, discussion, and involvement from other faiths too in addition to Christianity, to produce a joyful, inclusive atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.



The festival features performances from musicians, artists, and speakers. There are also workshops, art installations, and spaces for reflection and prayer.



  • Arts and Music: Enjoy diverse performances and exhibitions that explore faith through the arts.

  • Inclusivity: Engage in discussions and workshops on important social issues with other Christians, and members of other religions. Support and learn from each other on many different matters.

  • Reflection: Take time for personal reflection and prayer in designated quiet spaces.


Keswick Convention

The Keswick Convention is a long-standing tradition in the UK, held in the picturesque town of Keswick in the Lake District. This three-week event focuses on Bible teaching and spiritual renewal.



Attendees can participate in daily Bible studies, seminars, and evening celebrations. The convention also again offers programs for children and young people, ensuring that the whole family can grow in faith together.



  • Bible Teaching: Gain deeper insights into the Bible through daily expositions and seminars.

  • Youth Programs: Children and teens can join age-appropriate activities and study groups.

  • Scenic Location: Enjoy the natural beauty of the Lake District while deepening your faith.


Creation Fest

Creation Fest is a free, family-friendly Christian festival held in Cornwall. It combines music, teaching, and sports in a relaxed and welcoming environment.



The festival features live music, Bible teaching, skate parks, sports tournaments, and arts and crafts. There are also opportunities for camping, allowing attendees to fully immerse themselves in the festival experience.



  • Free Entry: Enjoy a wide range of activities without the burden of an entry fee.

  • Skate Park: Skateboarding enthusiasts can participate in skate competitions and workshops.

  • Creative Arts: Engage in arts and crafts sessions that explore faith through creativity.


Attending a Christian festival this summer can be a transformative experience, offering opportunities for worship, learning, and fellowship. Whether you’re drawn by music, in-depth Bible teaching conventions, or creative arts events, there is sure to be a Christian festival that will meet your spiritual and recreational needs. Plan your summer getaway to include one of these enriching festivals, and deepen your faith while connecting with the Christian community.