Royal Celebration: The King's Coronation in May and Christian Activities in the UK

Royal Celebration: The King's Coronation in May and Christian Activities in the UK

This May, the United Kingdom is abuzz with excitement as we prepare to celebrate the King's Coronation. As Christians, this historic event presents an opportunity to come together in unity and prayer for our nation's leaders. In addition to the coronation, there are plenty of faith-based activities taking place throughout the UK in May. At, we've compiled a list of inspiring events and experiences that will make your May truly memorable.

1. The King's Coronation: A Momentous Occasion

The coronation of a new king is a rare and significant event that draws visitors from around the globe. As Christians, we can use this occasion to pray for our leaders and their role in shaping our nation's future. Join fellow believers at local churches or participate in prayer gatherings on this historic day to mark the beginning of a new era with faith and hope.

2. Thy Kingdom Come: A Global Prayer Movement

Running from Ascension Day to Pentecost (May 25th - June 4th), Thy Kingdom Come is an international prayer movement that unites Christians around the world in praying for more people to come to know Jesus Christ. Participate in this powerful initiative by attending local events or hosting your own prayer gathering with friends and family.

3. Big Church Day Out: A Christian Music Festival

Held on May 27th-28th at Wiston House, West Sussex, Big Church Day Out is one of the UK's largest Christian music festivals. The two-day event brings together thousands of Christians for a weekend filled with worship, fellowship, and incredible live performances by top Christian artists from around the world.

4. Christian Heritage Tours

May presents an ideal time to explore the UK's rich Christian heritage by embarking on guided tours of historic sites such as Westminster Abbey, Canterbury Cathedral, and St. Paul's Cathedral. Discover the stories of saints, martyrs, and influential Christian leaders who shaped the faith and history of the UK.

5. Volunteer at a Local Christian Organization

Take advantage of the warmer May weather to give back to your community by volunteering at a local Christian organization. Many churches and charities host events or initiate projects during this time, providing opportunities for you to make a difference in the lives of others while growing in your faith.


As we celebrate the King's Coronation this May, let us also use this time to deepen our faith and engage in activities that bring us closer to God and our fellow believers. From attending global prayer events like Thy Kingdom Come to exploring our Christian heritage through guided tours, there are countless opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship across the UK.