Scripture Union Holidays and Missions: GW Tracks

£174 weekly
  • Scripture Union
  • Somerset, UK
  • Dec 13, 2023
Cabins & Lodges, Shared Accomodation 5+ Bedrooms

Listing Description

Fancy staying in a cosy cabin with hot showers and eating great food after a day that could include mountain biking, music jamming, friendship making, sport playing, and bible teaching?

You will be fully kitted out with top-end mountain bikes and choose between hard core off road or mellow rides chatting to your friends. Mixed in with other activities off the bike such as team challenges, games and other ridiculous antics. Get to know our inspiring team as they share the real challenge of following Jesus in today’s world.

GW Tracks is suitable for children in school years 8 to 13 and takes place from the 3rd of April until the 7th of April.

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Breakfast provided, Lunch provided, Dinner provided

Available Facilities

Clothes storage, Books/games


Cleaning equipment

Outdoor Features

Play area/equipment, Outdoor seating

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